Whenever a House Negro falls, I drink to it, M. Frindéthié

When a House Negro falls, I drink to it

Call me spiteful if you wish

But when a house Negro is in difficulty

I drink to his/her passing down to the last drop of the cup

And when he/she is sick

I pray that he/she may breathe his/her last mouthful of air

I have no compassion for conspirators

I do not aspire to be a saint.

My left cheek has been slapped too many a time and oft

And I do not intend to turn the right one to the conspirator’s blow

My people have been bled too long

And I do not intend to give away one more pint of their drying venae

I have no energy for forgiveness

No desire for magnanimity

600 years of duplicity

Have hardened me with spite

No apology! No rectification!

Fifty years after Frantz Fanon’s untimely death

His warnings still hover over

Beware of the house Negro

And especially of the modern house Negro

Whose dreams are filled with pasty breasts

And three-piece suits

For this one would sell for white approval

Even his grandmother’s last tooth to his master

Recently on Africa the house Negroes descended

For indeed there are plenty on the continent and beyond

Who would not hesitate to mortgage

Its material and human capitals

For one second’s experience of white bliss

On Africa they descend

In three-piece suits and shiny shoes

Their suitcases filled with their masters’ blueprints

To implement with ruthless expertise

I have no compassion for house Negroes

When they fall their crushing is music to my ears

I am only human … too human

I have no mercy for house Negroes

I wish them a harder fall


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