Cote d’Ivoire: From the Castration of Colonization to the Self-castration of Neocolonization

Neocolonization as it is unfolding today on the African continent, especially in Francophone Africa, and more precisely in Cote d’Ivoire, has the chilling effect of conjuring up a depressing level of psychosexual investment on the part of the African leader into a pleasure principle that reverses the trajectory of the Oedipus complex. It is my sense that after 50 years of struggle that have landed him beyond the three organization stages of the Oedipus Complex in the form of the resolution of the colonial encounter, the “child” of the “mirror stage”, faced with the rupture of the symbolic order or the real(ity) of the post-independence moment, refuses to take the risk a shattered experience, and chooses instead, at the cost of self-castration, to relapse, not even into the imaginary, but even worse, into a fantasy of unity mediated through circumfession to “Mummy France.”


4 Responses to Cote d’Ivoire: From the Castration of Colonization to the Self-castration of Neocolonization

  1. Kwame Piankhi says:

    The first step we must take in standing up to the recolonization of Africa is to boycott French Products, because of France’s heinous CFA agreement.

    The CFA, Communuate Financiere de l’Afrique, which compels France’s former African colonies to deposit 80% of their foreign reserves in the French Treasury and gives France priority in acquisition of raw materials deemed “strategic.” French companies have the first right of refusal for government contracts and finally the agreement allows France to have permanent military bases in its former colonies. See:
    “The Economic and Political Effects of the CFA Zone”

    Furthermore, France had used its puppet leaders to thwart Kwame Nkrumah’s vision for a United States of Africa. For more on this see the DVD “The Making of a Lesser Man,” about the French history in Africa and its role in thwarting organizational African unity.

    Excerpts of the film are here:

    The following companies should be boycotted: Total Elf Fina (which took over Mobil Ghana), Accor Novotel (owns Motel 6 in the States and Hotel Novotel in Accra), Societe Generale which took over SSB bank in Ghanan, all Danone products including Dannon Yogurt and Evian Water, Compagnie Fruitière (which sells fruit under the SCB and Bouba labels), Michelin (which also owns Uniroyal and Goodrich tires), Nissan/Renault, Perrier, Nestle, Bic Products, L’Oreal and Lancome.

  2. frindethie says:

    Thanks, Kwame, for the insightful links!

  3. Kwame Piankhi says:

    You are welcome Dr. Frindethie. I really appreciated your insightful interview with Channel 4 news. I knew Ouattara was a French puppet, but your interview filled in the blanks. I also downloaded your paper, « From Colonization to Globalization: Difference or Repetition? » I am going to take some time to read it this weekend. I also want to direct you to a website,, We have a show called the « Falcon Forum » on Sundays from 12pm – 2pm EDT. Please let me know what you think.

  4. The inability of these African Countries freed from the French not being able to operate 100% efficiently affects negatively the countries that surround them. This sort of white supremacy shall end and all the documented economic damages and harm caused by France shall be compensated by France through reparations. Also, France must be made to pay back Haiti for the money coerced from it. The United States in particular and others too, should put a freeze on French assets until such time these compensations has been meet. Boycotts of French produced goods and economic sanctions should be incorporated.
    I for one get sick and tired from all the excuses given about corrupt African Leadership as a reason why these black African Countries can’t evolve forward. Any African leaders who oppose this coming to freedom and has been found to have profited through collaborating with this or any other entity against the good will of the people shall be severely punished not to rule out death. This idea should be carried out without further delay.

    This reminds me of how blacks in America who deposit their monies into American banks in their neighborhoods could not get loans from those very same banks to improve on their lives. Typical behavior expressed by White Supremacy and its demonic garbage.

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