From Colonization to Globalization: Difference or Repetition?


(This paper was delivered at the 2008 World Economic History Conference at Appalachian State University, North Carolina. A revised version of this paper became an important chapter of my second book, Francophone African Cinema: History, Culture, Politics and theory (McFarland, 2009). The present situation in Cote d’Ivoire makes this communication more than relevant for whoever really wants to understand the origin and development of the Ivorian crisis. Francophone African Cinema also features a comprehensive historical and political study of Congo.)

. . . since the collapse of the USSR, the dynamics of empire has changed. The World is now more multipolar and mercantile, with China and Europe emerging to compete against the US. Empire is more driven by multinational corporations, whose interests transcend those of any particular nation-state.

STEVEN HIATT— »Global Empire: The Web of Control, » A Game As Old as Empire


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