(Video) Why Is the Almighty “International Community” Hushing the Genocide of the Wê Community in Cote d’Ivoire? M. Frindéthié


A year ago, the almighty “International Community,” led by Sarkozy’s and Ban Ki-Moon’s soldiers, supported the slaughter of thousands of Ivorian civilians in order to supposedly do away with President Laurent Gbagbo’s “dictatorship” and pave the way for a “democratic system” headed by Alassane Dramane Ouattara, the savior from the IMF. One year later, the people, the ethnic community that has suffered the greatest losses from this soldierly “democracy,” continues to die under Ouattara’s systematic ethnic cleansing.

Many of the rebels that sustained Ouattara’s ten-year-long rebellion were recruited from neighboring Burkina Faso. To reward them, Ouattara has decided that they should occupy the fertile cocoa and coffee belt that is the traditional dwelling and working place of the Wês. So, not a day goes by without Ouattara’s soldiers massacring tens of Wês under the sly pretext of containing imaginary rebellions. As frightened We families hiding surrender their lands, busloads of armed Burkinabes roam insolently in villages and plantations as the new landowners. To legitimize the Burkinabes’ hold on We properties, Ouattara’s majority parliament is about to pass a piece of legislation that stipulates that “the land belongs to he who stays to enhance its value, and not to he who runs off it—even to save his life.”

With the unyielding extermination of the people, Alassane Ouattara has set up a time bomb that his former international devotees are today too embarrassed to publicly denounce and defuse; a time bomb that will irremediably consume Cote d’Ivoire in the coming years.


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