It’s the Policy, not the video, stupid! M. Frindéthié

This Sunday, President Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, was on Chris Wallace’s show. Among other incredibly naïve assertions she made, she insisted that the US embassy in Benghazi, was “significantly” protected in the moments prior to the violent mob incursion that led to the assassination of Ambas sador  Christopher Stevens; she insisted that the fanatic Islamist throng that killed four Americans gathered spontaneously and was not he emanation of a planned plot; she maintained that  the current ant-Americanism in the Middle-East is caused by the infamous movie trailer, and not by Obama’s foreign policy or lack thereof, characterized by absence of vision, appeasement of the Muslim world, support of populous Arab mayhem (erroneously termed “Arab Spring”), lack of cautiousness, and ill preparedness on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Ambassador Rice, if this is the best protection the Obama administration can offer American institutions and Americans abroad, then, there is reason to be worried. If the only elucidation the Obama administration is able to offer as regards the rise of anti-Americanism in the Arab world is to blame it all on a badly made video, then there is reason to be worried. It’s the policy, Stupid! Not the video.


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