May the Real Obama Please Stand Up? M. Frindéthié

At last night’s Presidential Debate opposing incumbent President Barak Obama to presidential hopeful Governor Mitt Romney, President Obama looked dazed, confused, lost, distant, disorientated, out of place, and out of words; while Governor Romney appeared knowledgeable about the issues at hand, energetic, engaging, forthcoming, and presidential. Although Obama spoke 4 minutes longer than Romney, to most viewers of the debate, and especially to Obama’s grief-stricken followers, it all seemed as though Jim Lehrer, the debate moderator, had turned off Obama’s microphone while, at the same time, exaggerating his gestural semiotics of ennui and lassitude.  The Obama that debated Romney last night was neither the eloquent teleprompter reader nor the enthusiastic crowd haranguer at political rallies America got used to hearing and seeing over the last four years. The Obama that debated Romney on October 3, 2012, was, indeed, clueless, even on the most basic questions. What if? What if this was not a sudden dis-ease that unexpectedly struck Obama on the night when he needed to be at his best? What if last night’s Obama was the real Obama and everything that was hitherto shown us was just the manufactured Obama, the Obama of pyrotechnics?


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