Amnesty International, the Complete Report on Nahibly

Amnesty5amnisty6The attack at Nahibly raises concerns similar to those that emerged in the March-April 2011widespread and systematic attack directed against the civilian population in the Duékoué area. In both cases, members of the FRCI and the Dozo militia attacked a group of people
belonging to the Guéré ethnic group, which is widely perceived to support the former President Laurent Gbagbo. In both cases, the military and police attached to the United Nations Operation in Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) and posted near or at the site failed to protect the people targeted in the attack. Similarly, in neither of these two cases did the Ivorian authorities take immediate action to suspend from duty any military personnel allegedly involved in the attacks or end the de facto policing and security role played by the Dozo militia. Finally, in both instances, there has been virtually no progress towards accountability even though inquiries have been opened. The investigation into the Nahibly attack has made some progress such as the exhumation of bodies from a well in Duékoué in October 2012 after considerable pressure from families and local activists and the fact that the judicial authorities heard several victims’ relatives; however impunity still prevails, denying victims and their relatives the possibility of establishing the truth and obtaining reparation.


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