Lampedusa: What Do African « Leaders » Think? M. Frindéthié

Coffins of victims from a shipwreck off Sicily are seen in a hangar of the Lampedusa airportOn October 3, 2013, more than 300 desperate migrants from Africa, fleeing the bleak future of their respective countries in the hope of reaching out to Europe on a boat from Libya carrying 500 people, perished in the Mediterranean Sea, at about one kilometer from the shore of the tiny Italian Island of Lampedusa. While Italy announced that it would hold a state funeral for the poor African souls who died in the accident, in Africa, it is as if the accident of Lampedusa never happened. The conglomerate of mostly despots, autocrats, and dictators, who kill and butcher to maintain themselves in power, who run the African countries as family plantations, and whose failed politics continue to throw the African youths to the sea of uncertain adventures, just keep doing business as usual; that is, plundering the wealth of the continent for their friends and families. Not a peep! Not a word of sympathy for the victims by African “leaders.” African “leaders” are too busy stuffing their mouths while their people starve to death; and good etiquette teaches that one should not speak with one’s mouth full.



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