In Ukraine, Ruthless-East has just given Brutal-West a lesson of Democracy, M. Frindéthié

fightersFrankly, it was about time that someone reminded Western leaders that one of the quintessential principles of democracy is for a people to choose and replace its government by way of free elections. For some time now, the world has been functioning as if this fundamental code of democracy were lost, as Western leaders traveled the world, brutally throwing their military weight around, bullying vulnerable Third World leaders, backing frenzied agitators, and deposing elected officials and imposing rulers of their liking in total disdain of countries’ constitutions. In Ukraine, this new way of doing politics did not work. Brutal-West was faced with Ruthless-East. But Ruthless-East, on this occasion, chose to play tough otherwise,voters and gave Brutal-West an exquisite lesson of democracy: a will of the people expressed through active and orderly participation of the people. Cry foul as one may, in matters of democracy and good manners, the fire-throwing conspirators in Kiev cannot compare with the methodical voters in Crimea.


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