Where Have All the Preachers of the “Eurasian Spring” Gone? M. Frindéthié

bhl-kiev“Eurasian Spring”! What a great neologism! It was intended to be the buzz word of the summer of 2014. The theorists of hatred, philosophers of the apocalypse, proselytizers of Armageddon, oracles of the total collapse of the South and the East had coined it just after they had ignited and fanned the flames of destruction. Where are they now, these doomsayers so quick to send their killing machines against the weak and the vulnerable? Have they bitten more than they can chew and retreated whining, with their tales between their legs, like beaten wolves under the hooves of artic buffalos? What other neologisms will they serve us, now that their precious “Arab Spring” and “Eurasian Spring” have so miserably come to nothing?


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