From Tahrir Square to Ferguson, MO, M. Frindéthié

FergusonIn the last few years, American youths have watched their policy makers glorify violent dissent abroad, heroize defiant Molotov cocktails throwers in places like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine. American youths have seen their policy makers waste not a second to sanctify violent civil disobedience movements around the world with the holy water of “democracy” and baptized those violent protests with such imaginative appellations as « Arab Spring » and « Eurasian Spring ». American policy makers have blessed violent contestations overseas with incredible shortsightedness, that is, without the slightest apprehension that in a country not totally ridden of deep-seated social inequalities, American youths could be inspired by this “new and lemon-scented” method for demanding social change at home. Naively thinking of itself as “exceptional”, America disremembered that calcomania is the proper of humans and not just of some peoples, and that what is good for the goose may be so for the gander. Today, on the occasion of the nth shooting of an unarmed black youth by a police that is growing epidermally trigger-happy, Ferguson, MO is looking anxiously like Tahrir Square, leaving many bewildered Americans to wonder how this could happen here, in all places. As if here were never here in the first place.


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