Why are most African leaders always looking to the West? M. Frindéthié

slave mentalityWhy are African leaders always looking to the West to solve Africa’s internal problems when overwhelming evidence shows that Africa’s problems are first and foremost the consequences of the West’s will-to-domination?  This is simply because many African countries are still ruled by elites that have received most or part of their education from the debilitating colonial school system, either in the colonies, in the metropolis or through their progenitors. As such, they have been formed for the production and maintenance of European domination. Though some of them have managed to free themselves from the mental entrapment of colonialism, many still remain trapped in the stultifying psychological dependence on the West. Their Occidentalism is sometimes stomach-turning. They have internalized the negative discourses on blackness that have been the essential constituents of colonial secular as well as religious curricula, and which they now mirror in their daily dealings with Western economic and political operatives. Their allegiance is not to Africa. All they want is to please the West. They are seeking assurance from the West that they belong, that they are passable, acceptable. They would do anything to please the West. Their allegiance to the metropolis is pathological, because they have been ingrained with a slave mentality that causes them to identify their salvation in the West or anything that amounts to the West. Their neurotic condition carries deeply depressing effects for the development of the African continent. While they should be working at ways to pull Africa out of its misery, misery to which they have greatly contributed by their indolence and sick heroization of the West, instead, the black elites have their gaze turned toward the Occident, to which they holler: “Does anyone out there (in the West)  love me?”


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