What is Brexit to Africa? Frindéthié


For Africa, the United Kingdom’s leaving the European Union forebodes the rupture of the greatest rapacious coalition ever put together against the Black Continent, and, thus, announces a chance for Africa, to start recapturing its lost independence. Indeed, while the West has thriven in consolidating itself and inflating its political and economic influence since the collapse of the Soviet Union through a number of integrative structures, the West, given the slightest chance, has, at the same time, spared no effort to slice Africa in pieces, to balkanize the continent, to impede any chance at Africa’s political and economic unification. Evidence 1: The outcome of the 1885 Berlin Conference. Evidence 101: President Obama’s successful push for the balkanization of Sudan. Thus, a broken, divided, balkanized, flattened and weak Africa has been coerced into accepting the biased financial terms of a fused, gargantuan European Union with a crushing power and the morality of a snake oil salesman. Brexit prophesies the coming of an era when Africa will be able to negotiate on equal footing with individual European nations, this time, not uncontrollably powerful, not overwhelmingly unfair, not devastatingly destructive, not dreadfully greedy, because, this time no longer into a coalition of the most rapacious nations. The United Kingdom’s leaving the European Union announces the end of the European Union; a union that for Africa has been unambiguously destructive.


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