Here We Are, 50 Years After Frantz Fanon (January 8, 2011), M. Frindéthié

While it is convenient for critics to list a catalog of woes plaguing the African continent, it would also be fair to investigate the enabling factors of these woes. Far from a witch-hunting program, African modern slaves in three-piece suits and shining shoes ought to be identified, denounced, and shamed for what they are: enablers and perpetuators of the Occidental domination of Africa. This conversation should be an integral part of Africa’s search for solutions to its problems. Just as collaborators of the Nazi system were denounced and shamed, just as traitors of the French Resistance were exposed and humiliated, just as insider black infiltrators working on behalf of the South African apartheid system were indexed for who they were when discovered, Africa’s traitors working under the cover of globalization ought to feel the pressure of shame and disgrace, for their crimes are no lighter, no more excusable than those of the black sovereigns and merchants who built their fortunes on the slave trade. The moral affliction of the abandonment-neurotic black elites that work for the perpetuation of the Occidental system of domination is no longer a personal matter when it undermines the future of a whole continent. Furthermore, this neurosis is far from discriminating on the basis of age. Age has nothing to do with it, as the younger minds could be as corruptible, if not more cowardly, than the older ones. If time is irrelevant, space is even less relevant when it comes to the affliction that keeps the black leaders psychologically trapped in slavery.


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