Show me the Banana Republic, M. Frindéthié

Government leaders speak out against Washington D.C. violence

I dare you to show me the latitude, the longitude, and the complexion of the Banana Republic. Yes, I come from the tropics, where bananas grow ripe on their trees, and I like bananas, but Banana Republic is neither the destiny of my place, nor the fate of my people. Banana Republic has no place; it has no race. It is rather a state of mind. It is the state of mind of those entrusted with the helm of a nation, who, rather than leading, have grown so comfortably arrogant and disdainful of the people who have “elected” them as to muzzle them, stifle them, run a thousand picks into their throats, and erect against them a partisan violence to roam uncontrollably for years like a wildfire … until the frustration of the down-trodden, smoldering from underneath, explodes like a vesuvian magma and lands in the elite’s most sacred house. And while politicians, who are known to trade in long lies and short convenient answers to complex issues, are quick to blame the people’s exasperation on a disease come from the tropics—Banana Republic! Banana Republic! —may those of us whose vocation is to teach our young minds to think and walk gangastrotagati not so easily succumb to their folie circulaire, but instead diagnose the true source of this social malaise. Yes, America, too, like any other nation, is susceptible to becoming a Banana Republic when it lets political unfairness and partisan impunity run the lives of its people for years. Banana Republic is not the appanage of a distinct place or the fatality of a particular people.   

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